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Khawaja Builders is one of Pakistan's top reputable and rapidly expanding real estate brands and consulting firms. We find joy in being the most reputable and keep a high degree of trust, commitment, user-friendly quality, and competence in all of our interactions in Bahria Town. We are working on Bahria Town projects and give customized services.

Khawaja Builders & Developers

Khawaja Builders is one of Pakistan’s most reputable and rapidly expanding real estate brands and consulting firms. We take delight in being one of the most reputable firms and maintain a high degree of trust, commitment, quality, and competence in all our Bahria Town Interactions. Our projects are focused on Bahria Town and we offer remarkable customized services curated to your needs.


The project manager of Khawaja Builders established this reputable real estate business to pioneer Pakistan’s real estate industry by best marketing techniques to maximize client advantages and improvement as the best builders in the country.


Our objective is to deliver smart, personalized, and complete marketing solutions for customers. In addition, we work to maintain the best real estate company practices and competence in all of our contracts to provide exceptional service and ensure that our customers receive the best possible real estate deals.

What is Khawaja Builders ?

Khawaja Builders is a complete one-stop solution. We respect our customers’ participation in designing houses that are tailor-made for them.
We provide an unmatched relationship, beginning with early discussion and assistance on choices, finances, and construction. In addition, Our delivery procedure ensures that you receive your ideal house without concern.
Allowing Khawaja builders to handle the construction processes, you can enjoy your daily routine untroubled. We selectively take on a few unique projects per year to guarantee that our tasks receive the focus and effort they demand. As a result, we offer excellent value throughout the processes and ensure that self-build is a feasible option.

With Khawaja Builders as your construction partner, you can be confident that your self-build will be stress-free without sacrificing quality.

How Khawaja Builders Work ?

We prevent building problems by utilizing our experienced builders, professionals, and excellent communication among all stakeholders.
In Khawaja Builders, the beginning process covers design, best use of the site, best construction, and recommended architects, planners, and materials.
Our after-sales support is critical to the success of your house-building project.

A lot of our work comes from our well-deserved reputation for excellence.
Khawaja Builders are at your service whether you need repairs, expansions, or know someone who wants to construct their dream house.

Popular Locations

Select your desired location. The process is easy, flexible, and fun

Why Choose Khawaja Builders & Developers ?

We enjoy working and forming relationships with our clients in property dealing’


We have vowed honesty and complete transparency in our decisions and business. We want to provide you with the maximum value without any hidden fees, theft, or misunderstanding. We share what we have to give to establish full faith and a long-term relationship.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Our previous clients have always been pleased with our performance and delivery. In addition, Khawaja Builders has strong customer loyalty, which has led to the addition of new clients through recommendations and word of mouth from existing customers.


Khawaja Builders is a well-established company with many divisions giving you genuine real estate expertise. Therefore, choosing to work with us assures you that we will skillfully assist you throughout every procedure.


Everything we say, we mean it. A complete refund will be provided to you in the case of breaking a commitment with you. In addition, because our transactions are officially regulated, each investment is allotted a unique case number



Khawaja Builders has a significant reputation in the real estate business as one of the best authorizers for Bahria Town. Our Credibility is our pride. We value and prioritize our reputation. Moreover, our valued and consistent customers make us more credible.



Khawaja Builders & developers have a respectable reputation for quality among the real-estate community. We're engaged, linked, and active. All our employees are native to the areas we serve, which gives us added resources to perform deals.


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